This page gathers all the resources from the website to facilitate easy access to StockPack documentation articles.


StockPack has a number of filters you can use to tailor the plugin to your needs. If you are looking to get a filter for a specific need please contact us via

Caption filter – stockpack_caption

The stockpack_caption can be used to filter how the caption is displayed. You can find examples here.

Providers filter – stockpack_providers

The stockpack_providers is useful when you want to limit the providers available in WordPress. Our list of providers is growing so you might want to have fewer options. You can find examples here.

Capability filter – stockpack_settings_capability

The stockpack_settings_capability allows hiding the settings page for users who wouldn’t need to edit it. You can find examples here

Load Filter – stockpack_load

The stockpack_load filter allows you to disable the plugin from loading on pages where you do not want it to be loaded. You can find examples here.

License autocomplete filter – stockpack_autocomplete_licenses

The stockpack_autocomplete_licenses filter allows you to add options to the licenses that get autocompleted when displaying the image attribution via caption. You can read more about providing attribution to all images in WordPress here.

Generated caption filter – stockpack_generated_caption

You can also change the generated caption when providing attribution. This is different from the caption initially set when downloading an image. Read more about providing attribution to all images in WordPress here.

Frontend Load Filter – frontend_load_stockpack

The frontend_load_stockpack filter allows you to disable the plugin from loading. It is very similar to the stockpack_load filter, but its currently being used to enable the plugin for frontend plugin builders.

CLI Load Filter – cli_load_stockpack

The cli_load_stockpack filter allows you to disable the plugin from loading. Similar to other loading filters, but this is designed for checking if the plugin is being called via the CLI.

You can use the CLI to update the token for the StockPack plugin. Here’s how you run it:

wp stockpack update_token your-token-here


This section covers some resources that can help you find more information about the plugin.

How to use the plugin

The StockPack plugin is meant to be very simple. To search and download images you just need to install and activate the StockPack plugin.

Then go to a post and try to insert an image. You should see a new Tab in the media Library named StockPack. Click on that and you will get a page where you can type in the search box to find images you can download. Read more in How to search for Stock Images in WordPress via StockPack.

Search by id

StockPack supports searching stock photos by id. To do so just paste the id in the search box. You can find out more here.


To learn about what is a request and how they are counted you can read more here.

Providers supported

StockPack supports Unsplash, Adobe Stock, Pixabay, Deposit Photos, Getty Images, iStock and Pexels. We are currently adding Shutterstock. You can read an in-depth overview here.

Adobe Stock

StockPack supports Adobe Stock for searching and downloading images in WordPress. Guide to integrate Adobe Stock in WordPress


You can use StockPack for searching and downloading images from Unsplash in WordPress. Guide to integrate Unsplash in WordPress


Pixabay images are available for searching and downloading in WordPress via StockPack. Guide to integrate Pixabay in WordPress

Deposit Photos

Use StockPack for searching and downloading images from Deposit Photos in WordPress. Guide to integrate Deposit Photos in WordPress

Getty images

Getty Images can be searched and downloaded in WordPress via the StockPack plugin. Guide to integrate Getty Images in WordPress


iStock is supported by StockPack for searching and downloading images in WordPress. Guide to integrate iStock in WordPress


StockPack supports Pexels for searching and downloading images in WordPress. Guide to integrate Pexels in WordPress

Elementor, Gutenberg, Divi and Visual Composer

The StockPack WordPress plugin has support for Elementor as well as Visual Composer, Divi and Gutenberg. You can find a guide about using it via Elementor here. We also support the Oxygen page builder plugin.


Here you can find more information if you are having issues with the plugin. The stockpack documentation is being updated based on support cases. If you are not able to find the fix quickly, please contact StockPack support.

StockPack tab not showing up

If you can’t find the StockPack tab, there might be another plugin that conflicts with it, or there may be an issue on your server. Currently, we found cases where the users were looking on the Media Library page, and not trying on the posts Media Library Popup.

In case this is not the same issue you are experiencing try this post.

Upload throws an error

In very rare cases we found some hostings not allowing the download of assets to go through due to ModSecurity . If you are getting an error regarding upload please contact us so we can have a look and help you discuss it with hosting.

The stockpack documentation is work in progress. Make sure to contact us if you think something is missing, or you are having issues.