How to add stock images in Avada Fusion Builder

Shot during my flight From Rome to Belgium

Get stock images in Avada quickly without leaving your admin panel with the free StockPack plugin. Avoid disruption when working on your website.

Avada is the most popular commercial theme. It has a lot of options and that makes a great choice for people looking to get versatility when building a website. Their support team is great, and the Fusion Builder is very easy to use.

StockPack is compatible with Avada and the Fusion builder, so you can search and download 430 million+ images directly in the WordPress Media Library.

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How to search by id in StockPack

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There are situations where you already know the id of the image, and you are looking to just download it faster into the WordPress site. We noticed that some photographers were searching by ID to retrieve their own images posted on Unsplash. Another use case was for users that saw the id of the image on watermarked images. Whatever use case you need it for, you can search by id in StockPack.

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How to filter the visible stock image providers select

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In the StockPack plugin at the time of this post, all the providers are available by default in the provider selector. This is so that you can search stock images from Adobe Stock, Unsplash, Pixabay, and Depositphotos without leaving the WordPress admin. You can now change that from the settings, or with the stockpack providers filter.

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Changing the automated captions

Let's try it once without the parachute

In the book “Don’t make me think” by Steve Krug, there’s an explanation about the fact that humans are quite likely to scan an article instead of reading it.

While scanning your article the parts that stand out are the ones that are more unique. That includes images and captions, as captions are normally in a different style.

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